High on Summertime
I'm Monica. 20 years young. I am the beachcomber.

Do you see me standing there?
The cool breeze blowing through my locks
The crunch of the white sand, soft beneath my feet.
In between my toes.
A light kiss from the ocean's foam saying "I love you."
The sun bathing me in its warm rays.
And that is how I know, this is the place I am meant to be.
But will you join me?


THE FLIGHTS OF BIRDS | “But I know it’ll have to drown me, before I can breathe easy.  And I’ve seen it in the flights of birds, I’ve seen it in you.”

Over the Love - Florence and the Machine | Soon We’ll Be Found - Sia | Carmen - Lana Del Rey | Hallelujah - Jaymee Dee | Holocene - Bon Iver | Candles - Daughter | Featherstone - The Paper Kites | Good Occasions - Marble Sounds | Home - Gabrielle Aplin | Summer Begs - Sarah Jaffe | Heartlines - Florence and the Machine


A Hogwarts Alumnus, Rosie is a former Hufflepuff (Badger pride!)
The Branstone family resides on Rathlin Island.
Though the middle child, she acts as the eldest of her two siblings, constantly trying to break up any slight bickerings.
Is a Magizoologist specializing in Thestrals (shhhh it’s a secret you’ll find out later!)
Clearly Rosie excelled at Care of Magical Creatures, but she also aced Herbology and Potions.
She was bullocks at Defense Against the Dark Arts (whyyyy can’t weeeee be friendssss?!)
When enraged (which is hardly ever/Quidditch) she swears in Gaelic.
Despite being magic, Rosie prefers to do home tasks such as cleaning, cooking, gardening the muggle way (such.good.therapy)
She became an Order Member wishing to protect her family, especially her sickly muggle mother.


georg’s middle name is fritzi and he was known exclusively as fritzi from ages four to twenty, but when the gerhardts moved to london three years ago he put his foot down and now he’s called georg again
he and his siblings attended durmstrang academy but while his older brothers were pretty much the perfect students, georg…… sucked……. at everything……. haha…. like, his professors were all like “oh good, a gerhardt!!!!!” and by the end of his first year he had completely ruined the reputation of the golden gerhardts
he was really good at working with magical creatures but like seriously almost everything else he was terrible at, especially martial magic. especially martial magic. for a while his teachers contemplated confiscating his wand and giving him special, no-potentially-harmful-magic-involved courses
he was also really good at quidditch!!!!! but he got really aggressive in a game once and accidentally sent durmstrang’s star quidditch player tumbling to the ground and ruined his career, so he was booted off the team and then he just sat sadly in the stands and cheered for his ex-teammates who thought he was a nerd anyway
his family moved to london recently for a variety of reasons, and while his eldest brother is now an auror and the middle gerhardt is a successful daily prophet journalist, he was kicked out of auror training and is now an assistant. in the goblin liason office. pretty much he sucks
georg may be lame but he has a heart that almost matches the size of his gigantic yaoi hands!!!!!!!! even tho his big brothers bullied him for years he loves them so much!!!! and his boss is super mean but he loves him too!!!!! everyone deserves love!!!!!!! except death eaters and voldemort supporters he hates those!!!!!!!! but everyone else he loves!!!!!!!!!!!
he’s a bumbling idiot and has spilled coffee on not one, not two, but six different ministry of magic workers. of course he apologized profusely for half an hour, trailing after them as he did so, and he missed various meetings because of it
seriously if he starts apologizing he will not stop until you beg him to and then he’ll apologize for making you beg and then he’ll start to tear up because he’s so sorry for what he did he hates himself he doesn’t deserve to be alive in this world
he’s still working on his english and he has a really awkward german accent that gets in the way of him sounding like the gentle giant he really is, bc his voice is very low very german and very intimidating. he has a super pathetic mopey face 1/2 of the time, but the other 1/2 of the time he looks like he’s gonna bash someone’s face in so people tend to avoid him, which is sad bc he wants to be everyone’s friend
also the years of quidditch and also running laps around durmstrang castle paid off tho because now he’s hella buff and has really scary wide shoulders which does not help the intimidation factor he has going for him
do not give him important tasks, i repeat: do not give him important tasks!!!!!!!!!! as well-intentioned and diligent georg is, for some reason god cursed him to be the worst at life ever, and he can screw anything up. like, you could be all “georg can you get me a sandwich?” and he’d be like “SURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please love me" (he says please love me a lot please love him) but then he’d come back with like pancakes and waffles and you hate breakfast food and he’d be like "here’s ur sandwich" pretty much he’s incapable of doing anything right
the only thing he really can do is secretary/assistant work which is why he’s an assistant, which doesn’t pay super well so he lives in a one-bedroom one-bathroom one-kitchen/dining room/living room/guest room tiny apartment with lots of pictures of family on the walls and a cat he picked up on the street in germany like 5 years ago living on the hand-me-down couch
he goes to diagon alley just to try and make friends and usually he does not succeed but if you see a scary german man lurking around in corners he isn’t going to mug you or try to sell you illegal potions he really just wants to hug you!!!!! georg doesn’t realize how scary he is which isn’t good bc he accidentally terrorizes muggles and wizards alike on a daily basis
honestly hes a golden retriever puppy (or maybe a rottweiler or something scarier) tripping over it’s big paws but trapped in a 6 foot 2, blonde, buff, german 23 year old
he sucks so bad but he’s pm the comic relief on this site ok also i have a plot idea which i might put up a wanted ad for but we’ll see

My level of excitement for the World Cup



"I am not in danger, Jorah. I AM THE DANGER."
Daenerys Targaryen, A Storm of Swords (via incorrectgotquotes)

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Tom Hiddleston’s booty


so this happened.

Taco Bell is sassier than you

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